Party Bags:

For your convenience we bring you bespoke gaming themed party bags-these party bags are a real "game changer"! Add a slice of your childs cake or confectionery of choice and wow your guests!

For the younger gamers Green Paper Bag (£8 Each) :

1 x Pencil embossed with “Gamer at Work”

1 x Green “Gamer” pencil topper

1 x “Gamer At Work” door sign premium gloss card.

1 x Hand Made “Ghost” key ring

1 x Slap Wrist band










For the older Gamers - White Bag: (£8 Each )

1 x Gaming sports bottle 500ml

1 x “Hashtag” stress reliever toy

1 x Gamer A5 gloss sticker


We are not able to mix items, each bag is £8 and

will be available to you at the time of our arrival.