About Game Heads

Game Heads have two custom designed mobile gaming party machines serving Surrey, Hampshire, West Sussex, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire.

We have two vans to choose from the “Fun” van or the “Wow” van.​

Wow Van: 

Inside "Wow" our latest custom van you find our signature lime green Bentley stitched memory foam seating specifically made for children’s sizes. 

Once comfortably seated players will find all the latest games and their old favourites to pick from on our 12, 43inch screens that are linked to 12 Series X Xbox’s.

Each of the 12 players get their own large screen and their own Xbox series X , currently the world’s most advanced gaming console.

Currently no other gaming van in the UK offer this number of screens/consoles.

We can fit 12 children (age 8-12) or 8 gamers (age 13+) at a time.


Fun Van:​​

The "Fun" van also has the same comfy seating, again for up to 12 players but with a twist!

"Fun" has 8, 43inch screens and 8 Xbox series X consoles to play on as well as a racing wheel set up to show off your driving skills!

There are also 4 Nintendo switches (that are used handheld) so all 12 players have a console at one time. No Sharing needed on our vans!


For those who fancy zapping zombies, or a roller coaster challenge can do so on the latest Virtual Reality experience using our Oculus VR headsets. These VR sets are something you will be talking about for weeks after and are available onboard FUN & WOW

​​We also have 5 special disco speakers that blast the latest tunes or shout out your favs for us to play.


For both vans gamers can play cooperatively or independently on the games of their choice. You get a friendly member of staff (all DBS checked) to assist the kids on the day, invitations and thank you cards.

All we require is somewhere to safely park, 2 standard power sockets and an internet router to plug into.


Rob is the owner and operator (sometimes assisted by his lovely wife Louise or his son Jack) between Rob & Louise there is over 52 years in customer relations experience  - rest assured your event is in the very best hands. We have an additional team of staff who are also super nice ! Check out our feedback section to see the amazing feedback our lovely guests have left us !

Game Heads History:

Sep 2018

After working for over two decades managing aviation products at Heathrow Airport Rob decided a change of career was needed!

After discussing plans for a start up business, final decisions were made in September of 2018. 


Cub Interiors were commissioned to tailor the interior of the first gaming van ( a extra long wheelbase white Mercedes-Benz Sprinter) nicknamed "The White Giant" named after a mining ship in the fictional series of Red Dwarf .

The name Game Heads originated from the same novel.

January 2019:

In mid January 2019 Game Heads went live for bookings.


2nd Of February 2019:

Our first booking (in the snow of course!!) went amazingly well!

March 2019: Nintendo Switches & VR Headsets are added to the experience.

Feb 2020: 

Has it been a year already!

So far over 3300 kids have been entertained by the Game Heads experience ! That's a lot of Fortnite :)

March 2020:

Covid 19 comes and UK government shuts down all non essential business's. Game Heads uses this time to add a Force Feedback Steering Wheel, gearbox and pedals - even more fun!

March 2021: 

Covid restrictions begin to lift and bookings resume ! Hurrah! 

October 2021: The 8 original Xbox systems are replaced with the latest series x model - currently the most powerful gaming consoles in the world!

Feb 2022: 

Our 3rd anniversary called for something special - a 2nd Van this one with 12 Screens and 12 Xbox Series X's - currently the UKs first with such an amount of kit aboard .