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Do you drive about while gaming?

No, we park on your driveway or street and the guests remain inside the van which remains stationary during the party. Guests play games together or independently on various consoles we have on offer.

There will always be the operator at the entrance / exit of the van to assist guests as needed 

We require 2 standard plug sockets for electric and to be able to plug into your internet router. Extension leads and internet leads are 40 meters long so if you think you may need longer let us know at time of booking.

Is FUN or WOW better!

Ah this is like choosing your favourite child! Impossible :) 

Either van will be a massive hit on the day - that we can guarantee!

How big are the vans?

WOW Van Size 8m (27ft) long by 2.5m (8.2ft) wide and 3.0m (9.8ft) high.

FUN's setup is such that the rear doors are open when in play which makes FUN a meter longer at 9M (29.6 ft)


When should I book?

Fridays, Saturdays and Sunday tend to go 2-3 months ahead and weekdays a month, we can take bookings 12 months ahead.


How many players can I fit inside.

We can fit up to 12 gamers aged 7-12 or 8 gamers aged 13+ 


Does an adult need to be in attendance?

An adult should be there at the beginning and end of the party, normally Mums and Dads want to have a go (which we encourage !) and of course are welcome to join for the whole session (please take into account a carer/parent will take up 2 child spaces so you will need to reduce the number of children accordingly) but equally can leave us to it. Please remember due to the nature of our set up we are not responsible for those outside the gaming van!


Do you provide food and drink?

No, we also ask that you do not bring food/sweets/gum/drinks/water etc inside the gaming van. Feel free to hop out for snacks / drinks at any time. Parents tend to arrange food in the house pre or post gaming .


My child has special needs and I wanted to speak with you to see if you can accommodate us?

All our staff have had lots of experience in settling in children who need extra help or time whatever their needs may be. Of course, carers/parents are welcome on board to help (and maybe have a cheeky play themselves! - please take into account a carer/parent will take up 2 child spaces so you will need to reduce the number of children accordingly). Our super duper vans can be colour custom lit with the party boy/girls favourite colours by our amazing plasma lights and we can be totally silent if preferred . Give us a call to let us know what is needed and we will do our utmost to make sure the day is a success! (Custom items need to be booked in advance) Access for physical disabilities we can also advise on, please call us to discuss your needs. 


What happens if you are late due to breakdown etc?

We aim to be with you at least 15 mins before your booking starts to enable us to set up.
If we are expecting to be late due to traffic or weather (eg snow) we will call you as soon as we anticipate a delay.
Naturally we would stay the full length of booked time once we arrive. 
If we are not able to get to you at all ( For eg a major road closure or severe weather) we would rebook you for another time at no charge or offer a full refund. To date we have never let down or been late to any event since we did our first (in the snow!) in February 2019 


Do you have insurance ? Are your staff DBS checked ?

Yes! We are fully insured and every staff member is DBS checked.

I do not have off street parking will this be an issue.

We can park on the side of quiet streets but politely remind you of the size of our vans , we need 9m (30ft) long by 2.5m (8.2ft) wide and 3.0m (9.8ft) high to park . Don't forget we also require up to 2 power sockets and access to your internet connection (not wifi) as well (our extension leads reach a long way but cannot cross roadways, something to remember!) Should we arrive and there is not a suitable sized area to park then you will forfeit all the party costs. Please get parking arranged well in advance do not wait until we are on site to move cars etc as this will eat into your party time. 


Shall I book 1.5 hours or 2 hours or more?

Younger game heads (7-10) tend to peak at the 1.5 hour mark , older gamers (10+)  will play until we go :) We offer 1.5 or 2 hours but let us know if you need more or a day rate and we can advise. 


Do you work weekends/weekdays/bank holidays? 

We work any time 7 days a week. (Bank Holidays are charged at weekend rates)


What is the age range you cater for?

Our product is suitable for any age from 7 and over.

We offer events from ages 8 so if your child is celebrating their 8th birthday and some friends are 7 that's totally fine. Due to insurance we are unable to have under 7s inside at any time.

Can Younger Brothers / Sisters Join in? Can under 7 year old be accommodated?

Younger siblings always wish to join in which as parents ourselves we totally understand but simply put our staff member is not able to give the one on one time needed to help under 7’s play while running the other aspects of your party.

Please do not request staff to allow little brother/sister access we are very clear on age ranges, 0-6 are unable to join - little ones running in and out is a distraction to others and polity put they are simply in the way, and it will detract from the event. 

It is expected that under 7’s are kept out of the van at all times.

Please do not book us if you are planning on having under 7’s no matter their gaming ability or behaviour level it never ever works and will impact on the other gamer's enjoyment ! Parents that still insist on bringing babies/under 7's inside/letting them have a look etc etc will result in us leaving. Please don't pretend kids are 7 when clearly they are 4/5/6/ etc it is always going to be an awkward situation and embarrassing for you when we call you out on it. 

How does it work with age appropriate games?

We ask on our booking form & will confirm on the day as well the maximum age range you want the guests to play.

The adult who books us assumes all responsibility to ensure that parental consent is obtained from all parents/guardians of party guests to play age related games.

We cannot be held responsible in any way for obtaining the permission of the guests parents/guardians.


One kid in the group has PlayStation/Nintendo/never played on a console at home , will she be ok?    

Most kids and adults for that matter have experienced both consoles and will get to grips with it quickly enough! Even those who have never played on consoles before get used to them in record time! 

Our extra friendly team will help anyone who needs guidance. 

What happens if we have a power cut/internet goes down?

We will stay for the booked duration in case power is restored but as you will appreciate power/internet loss to your home is out of our hands and we would not refund any payments due to loss of power or internet.

Internet loss: if we can get our long cables to reach a friendly neighbour we will try that. We do approx 800+ events a year and have never yet not managed to “save the day” when clients have internet or power issues! 

How much is the deposit? When do I pay the balance?

We take £100 to secure the time and date agreed on , balance can be paid off any time but no later then 10 days prior to the event start time. 

"Book The Best"

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