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Want to give your child the very best birthday they will ever have? 

We have two vans to choose from the “FUN” van or the “WOW” van or for the ultimate event have both!​

The event is held inside the vehicle - no mess, no stress.

For both vans gamers can play cooperatively or independently on the games of their choice. You get a friendly member of staff (all DBS checked) to assist the kids on the day, invitations and thank you cards.

Both vans are fully climate controlled and operate 7 days a week come rain or shine!

We arrive 20 mins before the event start to park and set up , the kids pile in and you have peace for 1.5 or 2 hours! All we need is access to power and internet connections (both can be provided by us if needed please let us know)

Get in touch for a quotation: 

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