4th July update re social distancing guidelines :


1) We can offer parties/gaming experiences to family or same household members for a maximum of 12 kids or 8 adults on board at the same time.

If you are from the same household you do not need to adhere to the separation guide of 1 meter!

2) We can also offer parties / gaming experiences with social distancing measures in place with a maximum of 6 kids or 4 adults inside at any one time. (we can rotate a higher number of guests by splitting the guests into two or more sessions) please contact us for more info)

Everything in our van is wiped down with hospital grade wipes and anti bac sprays before your event starts and if your group has more then 6  we wipe everything between each group entering.

We also vacuum and mop before every event (something we have always done.)


We have hand sanitiser spray on board that is mandatory to use upon entry.


We also have single use masks if you wish to use them (children over 11 legally need to wear one) or you are welcome to wear your own.


Staff levels are reduced from 2 to 1 person who remains outside the van but available to assist as needed.


Staff member wears full PPE as required if needed to enter the van for assistance.