Hello all!

With the current lockdown we can legally operate with same households only ie Mum/Dad/Kids/Lodger/flatmates etc - there is no mixing allowed with anyone that does not live at the same address!

You are hiring our vehicle , you are not going off your property and not mixing with anyone other then your own household.

Our staff would set the van up and be outside the entire time. 

We can only work with same households in the current climate/all participants must reside at the address we come to.

Covid guidelines state we maintain certain standards ie doors open, deep cleaning between events, good ventilation, temperature check, hand gel, staff training on Covid etc even though you are same households we will make sure the above is enforced.


  1. All seats and equipment are wiped down before your guests enter.

  2. Staff wear masks and gloves at all times and stay outside the vehicle unless needed in an emergency.

  3. Fans and doors remain open to ensure airflow ( we have a massive self powered heater that keeps it at a very warm temp !)

  4. Everyone must use hand gel every time they enter.

  5. Masks and gloves provided to those who wish to use them

  6. Staff have completed COVID courses online.






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