Hello all!

From 12th April 2021 we are able to run events for up to 6 gamers from different households aged 8+ or up to 12 gamers from 2 separate households (eg two households of 6 persons). 

Dates are going very fast so be quick if you have a special date in mind!

Covid guidelines state we maintain certain standards ie doors open, deep cleaning between events, good ventilation, hand gel, staff training on Covid etc 


  1. All seating, equipment and touch points are wiped down before your guests enter.

  2. Staff wear masks and gloves at all times.

  3. Fans and doors remain open to ensure airflow ( we have a massive self powered heater that keeps it at a very warm temp for those cold days !)

  4. Everyone must use the provided hand gel every time they enter.

  5. Masks and gloves provided to those who wish to use them free of charge. 11s and over must legally wear a mask.

  6. Staff have completed COVID courses online.






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