Gaming Parties

​that come to you!

Our amazing gaming van is jam packed with all the latest tech to ensure your gamers (big & small!) have the very best time!

Inside our purpose built van you find super comfy Bentley stitched memory foam seating for up to 12 children (age 8-12) or 8 gamers (age 13+) that face the 8 large 4k screens.

Players will find all the latest games and also their favourites to pick from on our flagship 8 Series X Xboxes'.

For those who fancy zapping zombies or a roller coaster challenge can do so on the latest Virtual Reality experience using one of the five Oculus Go VR headsets. These VR sets are something you will be talking about for weeks after! 

Or maybe play on one of the four Nintendo Switch's or race on our driving simulator set up? This steering wheel, pedals and gearbox set up gives you the illusion of driving or racing around the map!   

We also have 5 special disco speakers that blast the latest tunes or shout out your favs for us to play.


Inside gamers can play cooperatively or independently on the games of their choice.

Birthdays, Weddings, Corporate Events , School Functions, Fetes, Parties.

Book The Best.

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