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all menu prices for new bookings for 6 or less gamers in October, November, December 2020! 

Mobile Gaming Parties

Our amazing gaming van is jam packed with all the latest Xbox games which are played on our market leading EIGHT large 4K screens & EIGHT Xbox's.

In addition, our four Oculus Go VR headsets are ready for those who fancy a try on the latest Virtual Reality experiences or perhaps you rather play on one of the four Nintendo Switch's or race on our driving simulator? 

We also have special disco speakers that blast tunes of your choice.


Inside up to 12 players can play cooperatively or independently on the games of their choice.

Our extra long wheel base gaming van can seat up to 12 children (age 8-14) or 8 adults in heated / cooled comfort. 

Birthdays, Weddings, Corporate Events , School Functions, Fetes, Parties.

Book The Best.