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We have had the pleasure of hosting gaming events for the very highest VVVIPS in the world as well as A list celebrity's. 

Why have we not got any pictures of these family's enjoying our service ?

Well, we respect their family's privacy and never , ever share details about upcoming events or clients and certainly never take photos or videos.

 We are very much aware by maintaining our reputation as a trusted vendor who delivers a memorable experience we gain even more VIP cliental to our books.

We can tailor options to suit such as our vehicles arriving any time prior to your event for full security checks and searches, naturally we can provide staff DBS checks as well as full background information as needed and all our hosts can also provide photo ID .

From a security point of view your event is pre screened by your own team and contained safely at your venue or your grounds away from the prying eyes of the press and public.

Discretion is something that comes automatically when booking with us.

 Book The Best.

Game Heads 

Est 2019

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